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Legal - Safety


If you already have your pleaseure-craft license that is awesome … if you don’t no worries , we can issue you a free one for the period of your rental!


Here are a few important things to know:


• A boating licence is not required

• An operator must have a valid driver’s licence.

• An operator must sign a Rental Boat Safety Checklist and a Liability Waiver.

We consider all aspects of our customers’ safety. By this we mean that our water sports equipment is thoroughly maintained and that detailed instructions on their use are provided, in a preliminary on-site orientation which outlines and conforms to Canadian Coast Guard standards. 


The Canadian Coast Guard Standard lists the elements of boating safety knowledge recommended by Transport Canada and at a minimum it is designed to:


• promote the safe use of Canadian waterways.

• promote a concern and a desire to learn about boating safety.

• provide an alternate means of demonstrating proof of competency in accordance with the Competency of Operators of Pleasure Craft Regulations

.• include elements of boating safety knowledge also contained in the Transport Canada Boating Safety Course Standard.

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